Sustainability at Epsom Primary School

Epsom Primary School is committed to educating students across the curriculum about sustainable living. We encourage and support student voice through our ‘Green Magpies’ student led group. The green Magpies are students who have shown a strong interest in educating fellow students about Sustainability practises whilst developing and leading projects that enhance our current behaviours.’

To date the Green Magpies and the broader school community has:
*Attended the 2018 and 2019 Student Sustainability Summits.

*Purchased an industrial sized worm farm and oversees the operation of this to fertilise our gardens.

*Overhauled the bins in classrooms to ‘ecobins’ and educated students on how to use them.

*Organised the CoGB to run sessions at EPS on how to recycle.

*Liaised with CoGB to install an organics program.

*Conducted waste audits.

*Designed signs for lights/fans switches to remind staff to turn them off.

*Attended Circus Sustainable – whole school.

*Supports compulsory nude food lunches in Prep – 2 and encourages the same for Grade 3-6.

Future Projects Wish List

*Garden Shed and tools.

*Frog Bog.

*Bee Hotel.

*Solar panels for our roof.

*Develop our indigenous land – ‘back paddock’.