Student Wellbeing

Student Well-being

Wellbeing during COVID-19 Outbreak

This is understandably a challenging time due to the current community health concerns and the Wellbeing Team at Epsom Primary School would like to remind you of the available external supports and resources:

The Food Relief Network is an informal network of local not-for-profit and charity groups that provide food assistance across Greater Bendigo. For a full list of community meals, soup kitchens and grocery distribution in Greater Bendigo click here

Financial / Emergency Relief Support:


Catholic Care or phone 54381300

Wellbeing at EPS

Epsom Primary School considers the well-being of the students to be an essential part of their learning. The primary goal of our dedicated Student Well-being Team is to ensure students feel safe, engaged and connected at school. The team is coordinated by our Chaplain, Sally Livermore. There is an Expectations Matrix and our STAR values which outlines appropriate behaviours and responsibilities for all students. The school uses a Positive Behaviours Program in all classes.