Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Epsom Primary School, a dynamic and progressive learning environment and meeting place that has long been the vibrant centre of the Epsom community. We are very confident that your child’s and family’s association with our school will be both happy and educationally rewarding. The time your child spends in Primary education is an important part of their life and sets the foundations for future pathways in relation to employment and community and we are committed to making the most of it.

Epsom Primary School is part of a rapidly expanding community where there is a genuine commitment to your child’s learning and wellbeing. Our school provides a supportive environment with dedicated teachers and support staff who always have your child’s emotional, social and academic wellbeing at heart.  I am proud of our team and the learning opportunities they offer to our students. Our school centres around our values based on a ‘STAR’ acronym- Strive for Excellence, Take Pride, Act Responsibly and Respect our Community.

We believe a close partnership with our parents helps to ensure that each child reaches their full potential. As parents, you make an invaluable contribution to your child’s learning and we welcome your involvement and full participation in the life of the school and the exciting educational programs offered.

2020 is a year of excitement for Epsom Primary School; with the continuing of House events, embedding of our school values, adventures on camps and the continuation of a rich and diverse curriculum.

Working together, we can help your child achieve their potential.

At Epsom Primary School, we believe that all our students should learn in an environment that:

  • Offers an extensive, engaging learning program for all students.
  • Ensures that all students become literate and numerate to enable them to fully participate in the workforce and society.
  • Prepares students to be technologically literate global citizens.
  • Provides the opportunity for students to develop and extend their cultural, artistic and sporting achievements.
  • Develops responsible, caring community members.

Yours sincerely,

Lyn Coulter – Principal