Process to Apply for Students to Remotely Learn on Site at EPS

On-site Application form

The Victorian Premier has been very clear in his instruction that “if you can study at home, you must study at home”. We do understand however that there are special cases of those who are unable to work at home. For example, those students who the school determines present as at risk, or those younger students who do not have parent supervision and are unable to care for themselves.

For those students that must work remotely on site, we will be working from the 3/4 learning area.

EPS will be open from 8:45am until 3:30pm. All students will be set up as per social distancing requirements. All students will work remotely as per those learning from home.

It is not the responsibility of the member of staff supervising to ensure that the student is working. They are there to purely ensure that everyone is safe and observing social distancing requirements.

Should you wish to apply for your child to be on site, please use the form below and return it to our office email to
This will then be reviewed by Kate FitzGerald, Acting Principal, a phonecall will be made to discuss your application and a decision will be sent to you.

We will be running to strict timelines as we will need to plan staffing for the week. These timelines are below.
Applications need to be received by the end of Thursday of the week before to allow for staffing arrangements
You will receive a decision by the end of Friday.

On-site Application form