Monday 6th April 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

Prior to the holidays staff began preparing for a possible transition to ‘remote learning’. At this stage
no further information is available. Once we know more, we will inform the school community. Please
be aware of speculation suggesting that school will/will not be open at the start of Term 2. You will be
informed once we receive information officially from the Department of Education and Training.

In preparation for remote learning, we have created a remote learning website, accessible at the link
below. Most sections of the website are publicly accessible, however if you are asked to log in, please
use your child’s Epsom Google account (which is/are attached to this letter).

Some staff may request that student’s access, complete and upload learning tasks to Google Drive.
The login details for Google Drive are the same as your child’s Epsom Google account. If these login
details don’t work for some reason, please contact Eliza McKenna at:

Please note that the remote learning website is not yet publicly accessible. It is still being developed by
our amazing staff! Lessons will be available on this website from the 15th of April if we are undertaking
‘remote learning’.

I would also like to inform our community that Mrs Coulter, our Principal will be taking extended leave
for the duration of term 2. I will be the Acting Principal during this time. Thank you once again for
your support during Term 1.

Kind regards,

Kate FitzGerald
Acting Principal

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