Our Values: Strive for excellence, Take pride, Act responsibly, Respect community. (STAR)

Night school -Education Week

Last Thursday night we had Night School. It was Education week although as we say every week is education

week at Epsom Primary School because we love learning.  At night school families came and participated in

activities in each classroom.  As the activities were completed they were given a secret letter. 

All the letters when unjumbled said a message (WE love EPS)and then families could put their entry into the fun

draw for a prize.  Families attending also won house points for our teams.  The activities

provided a smorgasboard of learning opportunities for everyone and some teaching opportunities for our brilliant students.

Here is a list of the activities -
Maths measurements - Big Foot
Bloggers Cafe
Popcorn making
QR code Hunt
BTN showcase
As well we had a gallery set up in the multi purpose room showcasing the beautiful plates the children had

created at the Bendigo Pottery. Thanks to all those who came we certainly enjoyed sharing our learning with you. 

We hope to have another night school later this year.

Welcome Back to 2015

Welcome back to all our students and families and a warm welcome to our new students, families and teachers. We hope you have enjoyed the time with your children over this holiday season.  2015 will be another exciting year at Epsom with many new initiatives beginning.  We are all very excited about our new house system, Potter, Howard and Allen houses.  Everyone has been allocated a house, staff included.  Families are in the same house to make it easy for supporting all your children.

Also this year we will see the opening of the WIM centre.  Wondering Imagining and Making centre or the 21st C Library.  This is being set up as we speak and should be opertional in the coming weeks.  Everyone will be very welcome to visit and Wonder, Imagine and Make.

You may have noticed our school values for 2015 are Strive for excellence, Take pride, Act responsibly and Respect community. These form the acronym STAR and you will be hearing about STAR a lot in 2015.

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday January 28th when all students begin the school year.



Hour of Code

An hour of Code


This week many classes have been trying an hour of code.  The children have been learning a great deal including Maths, problem solving, collaborating together and having a ball.  Code for an hour is a week long activity around the world encouraging everyone to learn how to code.  Our Prep/1's have been learning about coding with the beebots as an introduction into coding. The website is http://www.code.org and is full of fun learning activities for everyone.  This would be a great activity for the children to continue over the holidays when they are bored and they will be learning and thinking plenty.  Ask your child about the hour of code this week.



Last week we had our bookweek dressup day.  It was one of the best dressup days with almost everyone dressing up as a book character.  There was lots of fun had by all parading in their costumes and thinking about the books that the characters were from. Thanks to our parents for supporting our students with their great dressups and to those parents who came to watch our parade.  We also had a booknook competition where our students could send in pictures of places they would like to read.  Have a look at the slideshare here to see some  booknooks.  More will be added so come back and check it out.



Our Ambassadors Present the Banner

Today our ambassadors presented our banner to Weiting Experimental School in Suzhou.  They were very pleased to recieve the banner and lovely plate.  It's great to see our students looking so proud of Epsom. It's the people that make Epsom Primary School such a great place to learn. Thanks to our ambassadors Jess, Lach, Jack and Millie for presenting our gifts to our sister school in China.